Around the algae

The Iroise Sea offers the greatest wealth and diversity of seaweed in Europe. The currents stir up pure water, rich in trace elements and minerals that are conducive to their development. At the Hotel de la Mer we have paid great attention to the use of seaweed in all its possibilities. We will show you the seaweeds to be picked in front of the hotel, their nutritional and culinary values, their benefits in the spa, and even their use in the renovation of the hotel.


One of the pros: guided tour of the foreshore.


Discovery walks


At each tide you can discover the diversity of algae in front of the hotel, we will propose  you supports to recognize them. At each high tide, a seaweed discovery walk.

A culinary demonstration is organized by the Brigoudou Museum. You will be able to learn how to identify and cook them. We can reserve your place.


Cook with seaweed


Our chefs will make you discover delicious dishes with one or more algae in accompaniment.





Our algae treatments

We work with Thalion products, creator of marine cosmetics. It is in Bretagne, in the Iroise Sea, that this laboratory carefully selects the best seaweeds. This unique expertise of harvesting allows to preserve the original qualities of these precious plants to restore them in new formulas, true elixirs of beauty and well-being.

Our care and massage menu will soon be online



A healthy environment thanks to algae paint


This is an innovation from Bretagne which allows to have a paint without petrochemical additives. Algo is a healthy paint for everyone (painters and users)

It is the paint that we used in all the rooms of the hotel.