Our commitments


Let's recycle

In the hotel we limit our packaging, we compost our food waste and we sort to contribute to recycling. You will find sorting garbage cans on each floor, and for your batteries, we will take them at the reception.


«Une balade un déchet», you can join this group on Facebook, created by Kerlouan surfers. It proposes that at each walk is brought back a waste in a dustbin

Throughout the renovation of the building we have focused on respecting the environment

During the de-construction we have put in place sorting and recycling, to value what could be and give them a second life.

For the renovation we chose healthy materials such as wood fiber or more innovative, a paint without petrochemicals and without odor: Algo is made from seaweed collected next to the Iroise Sea, and transformed in Rennes.

We only worked with local companies. We thank them and their teams for the work they have done every single day of this renovation

Renovation of the hotel

Protected water

The flow of drinking water in the sanitary facilities is designed for your comfort while avoiding waste. You can also act by choosing the right button or the time spent running water.

We recover rainwater that we filter for the sanitary facilities, to water the gardens, wash the windows and the laundry.

No pesticides or phytosanitary products are used in the gardens.

Our cleaning products are certified eco-label.

For your heating and hot water, a wood-fired boiler has been installed, with a local supply of chipped wood. It is a renewable energy.

All light bulbs are low consumption. We also install automatic lighting so that in the corridors the light is turned on when needed. Our electrical energy is also of renewable origin (hydroelectric power stations).

A sustainable energy