Gourmet breaks


Facing the sea, a generous and refined cuisine is offered throughout the day, around land and sea dishes: plates of seafood, cold meats, cheeses or pastries. We buy our food from local producers to offer you healthy dishes and to vary the gourmet pleasures.


A short and generous menu of fresh products with subtle flavors is offered by our chefs, who are committed to sharing with you their pleasure of creating tasty dishes and helping you discover their creations based on seaweed. Our restaurant is named after this beautiful lighthouse, a few minutes away from the hotel for a walk along the coast before or after your meal.




In this beautiful rotunda with its view on the blue thistle beach and the semaphore, you can have a drink throughout the day and evening, choose a variety of tea, enjoy a good pastry or ice cream, appreciate a gourmet plate of land or sea or simply some oysters and their glass of white wine.

The blaze of the fireplace will accompany you with its gentle warmth.